Spa Start Up Procedure

Hot tub and Spa start-up procedure

Having your own spa or hot tub start-up procedure may sound a bit regimental, but having found a few videos provided by a Brit, so the language may sound a bit quaint, he explains thoroughly how you get the ball rolling.

And just so we know what hot tub he is recommending, in the US the nearest compatible one is the Saluspa Palm Springs HydroJet Inflatable Hot Tub.

The first video is unpacking his hot tub and setting it up, showing exactly what comes in a freshly delivered hot tub package and how easy they are to set up with his own spa start-up procedure. Just click below to see it.

Unboxing a Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii to check its contents and setting it up

The spa we got was a much simpler version than this one, back in 2013, but the latest Lay-Z-Spa is available, although without the water jets included, just plain old bubbles like most hot tubs are these days.

Must be the manufacturers keeping costs down and filling in where the most demand is made, but I wouldn’t half fancy one with water jets like the one shown – maybe in a few years time we’ll take a stroll down that road.

And they are all of a muchness nowadays, mostly of similar designs and layouts.

The hot tub package is dropped off kerbside, and as he says, two men had to bring it in for him, so be aware of this – they can be a heavy bit of kit.

Next, we come to setting it up with chemicals and maintaining your hot tub in the best possible condition.



Some of this may appear a bit complicated if you are not used to dealing with chemicals, but by following what he says to the letter, one step at a time, you will have one of the best kept hot tubs in your area, with no problem at all from bacteria development.

We use those same chemicals, directly from Amazon, as it’s the easiest way for us due to our lifestyles and location, but you may be able to find them locally with a bit of searching.

In the next video you learn how to drain a hot tub, but there are added ways shown lower down the page.



On top of these videos, this chap has also provided a further one with his own personal opinion as far as whether it is worth owning a hot tub and we fully agree with him on this.

Right, fellow hot-tubbers. That gives you the general routine of owning a hot tub, but what if??? Let’s say you have no pump to drain your hot tub…


How do you go about it???

How To Drain A Hot Tub With A Garden Hose.

Other than putting the end of the hose in your mouth and sucking like mad, there is a much cleaner way where you avoid any form of bacteria as well.

First off, providing your hose is long enough to get the waste-water to go where you want it, just place the full length of hose in your hot tub, making sure one end is submerged while the remainder of the hose is pushed under the surface, moving any trapped air away from the submerged end.

This will slowly fill the hose with water.

Continue until you have the other end underwater, that way expelling all air from the hose itself.

Then simply place your thumb over one end to seal it and lift that end over the side of your hot tub, at the same time (maybe with a little help) keeping the other end immersed below the surface of your spa, and then, still with your thumb over the end, lower it down below the water level on the outside of your hot tub.

When you release your thumb, the water will flow to the lower point, outside the tub, allowing you to keep the water flowing using the syphon effect.

It is just a case of making sure the lower point is below the level of the water in your hot tub for it to keep flowing.

Care will be needed as the hot tub empties as keeping the feed end under the surface may be a bit awkward if you are attempting this on your own, but as the hot tub level falls, so does the weight of water it contains, so it is a matter of raising one side of your spa, which will be relatively easy as the water flows away, while keeping the end of the hose below the surface. 

And best of all, this method costs you nothing if you already have a garden hose.

How to drain an inflatable hot tub fast

A second option to empty your inflatable spa very, very quickly is the easiest and fastest of the lot.

Just let the air out of the side walls.

You’ll be flooded out in a few seconds flat, but only do this if the sudden rush of water will not damage your garden / lawn / yard / property.

Just undo the air feed connection and stand back, but make sure you’ve got your wellies on. There may be a one-way valve inside the feed, so that will need removing.

As the inner pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, the air inside will escape, meaning the sides will sag and let the water out very quickly, especially if you press down on the side you want the water to run to.

Here’s How We Drain Our Hot Tub

Little Giant Submersible Pump –

Highly Recommended by us

A little more sedate than the above suggestion, we use a Little Giant Submersible Pump which empties our pool in around 20 minutes, supposedly up to 1700 gallons per hour, leaving around an inch of water in the bottom of the spa.

This method leaves around an inch of water in the bottom of the pool, meaning enough water to use for cleaning our hot tub before we either open the drain plug or remove that surplus with our inexpensive but useful hand-operated Zodiac Polaris wand cleaner which we also use for removing surface flotsam before rinsing it out finally.

You could also use a wet and dry vac like the Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum to achieve the same results, although there are more powerful ones with larger capacities available should you wish.

We use this method as it is convenient and we have to run our wastewater down the drains, so we cannot just let the air out of the walls, worst luck. 

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