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LifeSmart Spas Simplicity 4-Person Plug & Play Hot Tub Spa with Cover & Steps  

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub Spa With 13 Jets

  LifeSmart Spas Simplicity 4-Person Plug & Play Hot Tub Spa with Cover & Steps Starting at the best priced first, this Simplicity Rock Solid with its SANDSTONE SAHARA shell, 4-person plug and play hot tub has 4 bucket seats, 13 jets, underwater multicolored LED lighting and is simple to connect up to any household supply with its ASTM connection.

It is literally PLUG and PLAY.

Being around 200 gallons capacity and measuring 70″ x 61″ and standing 32″ high, it weighs in at less than 300lbs, but the base is foam and therefore not weight-supporting, so would need a flat base setting down for it to fully sit on.

This is mentioned in the questions and answers section on Amazon, as are many other questions related to this great ‘little’ hot tub!

Air and water flow can be adjusted using the dials, that way controlling the pressure of flow, and the digital panel controls the lighting and temperature.

An excellent cover is included and also there is an ozone generator incorporated within the hot tub itself.

A very popular hot tub, this one, possibly due to the inexpensive pricing, with lots of praise and reviews by previous purchasers.

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LifeSmart Spas Home 22 Jets 4 Person Hot Tub with Multi Color LED Lights LS400DX

A slight upgrade with this newer model by Lifesmart. Much the same arrangement as the previous one, but just a little bigger at 75 x 75 inches square by 34 inches high.

Weight-wise, 4o6lbs, so relatively easy to move around.

Sadly, being a new model for 2019, there are no customer comments available at the time of writing. In fact, the manufacturer’s description is very lacking if you want a full rundown.

Capacity ??? Must be 200 gallons – possibly 220. Might be worth a look, but, but, but… I’d give it a miss until it has some reviews in place, unless, of course, it really takes your fancy.  After all, this maker of hot tubs has excellent reviews


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Luna Hot Tub

Portable Round Hot Tub Jacuzzi Massage Spa 4 Person 13 Jets

Otherwise known as the ‘Rock Solid LUNA‘, this hot tub features a bench seat along one side and is very light compared to others of a similar size at a mere 244lbs, (is that a misprint, I wonder?) so could be used quite easily on a veranda or in an apartment, providing, of course, it will go through doorways and along passages.

With 13 jets giving full relaxation and being plug-and-play as well as being super simple to set up it could be a boon to any weary soul.

Sadly, again, this is a newer model and carries no reviews or dimensions to date, but you can be sure it meets the same standards as the first hot tub shown by Lifesmart, as it appears they are using the same plumbing arrangements and motor because of their reliability.

Must admit tho’, Lifesmart’s marketing leaves a lot to be desired, but you can be sure you’ll get a bargain because of this. On top, the electrics, included Ozonator and control panel are well tested and easy to operate, plus you get a fully locking thermal cover to keep any unwanted small villains out of danger, should they go missing while you are doing something else.

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LifeSmart LS350DX 5-Person Outdoor Hot Tub Spa  

LifeSmart LS350DX 5-Person Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

  Just a little larger and made from tough ‘plastic’ – that’s what it says in the manufacturer’s blurb – that poor advertising again – this 92.5″ x 90.5″ LifeSmart hot tub comes in at 466lbs and has the same features as the one above – only bigger.

LifeSmart LS350DX 5-Person Outdoor Hot Tub Spa It uses the same 1hp pump feeding the 28 fixed jets, so can be used with a normal 15A household supply with its 20-foot cord and incorporates an air-flow system controlled digitally, as are the heating and timing.

Lifesmart Matching Sahara Spa Steps For The Simplicity SpaAlso included is an ozone water care system to help keep bacteria levels down and needs much less chemical additives and control, plus the superb cover can be locked in place for better safety when kids are around.

There are additional 30″ wide steps to complement your LifeSmart hot tub, as they are not included with the purchase, but they can be found here.

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  LifeSmart 600DX 7-Person Rock Solid Spa with 65 Jets and Free Super Energy Saving Value Package  

LifeSmart 600DX 7-Person Rock Solid Spa with 65 Jets

and Free Super Energy Saving Value Package

  LifeSmart 600DX 7-Person Rock Solid Spa with 65 Jets and Free Super Energy Saving Value Package At 503lbs, this 81″ x 81″ 7 people hot tub is not exactly easily portable, but this model matches many far more expensive hot tubs found elsewhere.

It has open barrier-free seating complete with 65 fully rotating therapy back jets, a sumptuous waterfall and jets included in the foot-well area.

On top of this, there is even a multi-jet turbo blaster that produces the ultimate back massage.

Top-side, there are comfort valves allowing you to find the perfect mix of air and water to offer a soothing massage rather than being blasted by the main flow.

The 600DX also features a top-side digital control center featuring a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps to give you a sensual experience while you soak away your aches and pains, both mental and physical.

  Check out the Free Energy Package and endless great reviews here

LifeSmart’s No – Name Hot Tub

It must have a name or a code number, surely???   But no! None that we could find.

4 Person Hot Tub with 20 Stainless Steel Jet Plug & Play Spa Waterfall, LED Color Lighting, LCD Control, Rock Solid Shell, Sandstone

  Now we are getting into the more luxurious end of the Lifesmart offerings. They appear to be improving their stock while keeping the same basic, reliable fittings and offering this model with no name – again, very poor marketing from this company.

This 4 seater has the lot – well, almost.

It comes with 4 bucket seats, has 195 gallon capacity in a 71 x 61 x 32 inch body and weighs in at 270lbs.

It is a simple plug-and-play hot tub suitable for winter use owing to the heat recapture system being pre-installed and uses a 1hp pump for both the water and airflow from its 20 jets. On top of this, it comes with multi-colored LED lights.

To help keep the heat in place there is a 3inch cover along with the steps being included in the purchase price. As before, each Lifesmart includes a water care Ozonator, meaning bacteria levels are kept to a minimum to help extend water changes and chemical checking.

In fact, this new NO NAME model is a complete system you can literally set up where you want it, fill it up with water, switch on the power then jump in when it is at the temperature you want. Couldn’t be simpler, could it…

Check out this NO-NAME Hot Tub to see what’s on offer, here Hot Tub with 28 Hydrotherapy Jets Including 2 Calf Jets, 5-Person Spa, 315 Gallon Capacity and Easy Maintenance

LifeSmart Hot Tub with 28 Hydrotherapy Jets Including 2 Calf Jets, 5-Person Spa, 315 Gallon Capacity and Easy Maintenance 


Very little to say about this one as it is a relatively new offering.

It is produced by Lifesmart so we’ll assume it is their economical standard 1 hp pump motor as it is Plug-and-Play.

It will be well insulated and so suitable for winter use.

Whether it comes with steps or not, that needs to be sourced from Amazon, although it appears Amazon is being used as the advertising medium – very poor system, so maybe not such a good investment???

No reviews – so best steer clear for now! But if you want to check it out, as Lifesmart gives great value for money and reliability in their Hot Tubs…

Check it out here        


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