Is A Hot Tub Good For A Cold

In a word – YES, and there are four reasons why.

Having An Elevated Temperature Helps To Fight Viruses

When we catch a cold our bodies develop a higher temperature naturally. It’s an auto-immune reaction where we develop a mild fever despite the fact we may be shivering.

The shivering is partly the body’s way of increasing temperature but also shows there is a temperature difference between a body and the outside temperature.

This is the way our body’s control mechanism fights off the worst of a cold, by elevating the body temperature to stop the infection spreading and allow our own immune systems to overcome an infection, so it stands to reason that if you use a hot tub, as your body heats up in the hot water, any further cold development will be slowed down or stopped altogether.

More than likely, if you stay in the hot tub for half an hour, your core body temperature will become raised, just like when you catch a cold, meaning you are providing more of a continuous aid in fighting off the cold.

Sure, the cold infection will be curtailed rather than brought to an immediate halt if you only take short dips, as nature doesn’t work that way, but at the same time the heat relaxes aching muscles and eases chest problems allowing breathing to become more natural while more oxygen improves the ability to function properly in combatting infections.

The best bet is to use your hot tub frequently to gain the best advantage in fighting your cold.

Reducing Congestion Generally

Nasal cavities are easily cleared with the evaporating moisture and heat allows air passages to open up and avoid mucus constriction as inflamed nasal membranes shrink back to their normal size.

From this, it can be seen that hay-fever sufferers can benefit from using a hot tub in the same way as nasal congestion is one of their main problems, as with people suffering from sinusitis complaints and headaches.

So, understandably, you will see that hot tubs/spas and saunas are good for cold infections in that they give our immune system a boost in their fight against any cold symptoms.

Relief of Aches and Pains

Aching muscles and joints are a result of any infection we manage to catch and taking over the counter medicines is normally the way we go to help relieve them, but why not soak them away in your hot tub.

It is well known having massaging jets or bubbles causes relaxation, which in turn gives a sense of wholeness as the steam clears the sinuses. You can breathe easy once again instead of feeling like a blocked drain and your head like a ton of sludge blocking any logical senses.

Get Some Better Sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways of getting rid of that cold.

Night time, when you are sleeping, is when your body can concentrate on repairing itself the most. The rigors of the day are left behind as the white blood cells go into boost mode, fending off anything that should not be inside your body.

Rather than being on the go, tossing and turning all night, then is the time, after relaxing in your hot tub, you can benefit the most from a good night’s sleep.

Your cold will be vanquished to the nether regions thanks to you using a hot tub for relaxation purposes.

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