How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hot Tub


How much does it cost to hire a hot tub?

You want to hire a hot tub for a special occasion or need to occupy the kids while they are off school or maybe have a celebratory treat with your friends, then worry not as the cost of hot tub hire is not prohibitive and is very easy to do.

It sounds complicated, but it couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do is google ‘hot tub hire’ or ‘spa rental’ or something similar, followed by your area and you’ll be surprised how many are on offer.

There are plenty of small companies, usually, one-man bands or family affairs, who have taken the opportunity of purchasing a few inflatable hot tubs in various sizes, ranging from four to eight person capacity, who deliver the spotlessly clean spa to your home and set it up for you.


This means – all you have to do is find the site, call, and the rest is virtually done for you.


Being inflatable, they are easily transported and assembled by one man, and other than completely filling them with water, they are easily set up inside an hour, chemicals too, if needed.  In fact, if you want it for up to a week, there is no need to add any sort of chemicals as bacteria cannot develop too easily within that time.

It will obviously need testing to make sure the water is not harmful to your skin or body in any way, and this is done in the set-up procedure.

Completely filling the hot tub is perhaps then down to you to keep an eye on, usually within a couple of hours depending on the size and water pressure.

Once filled, pop the lid on, and then its a matter of waiting for it to heat up, usually around 24 hours – again, according to the size of the spa you have chosen.

The best of it is the delivery and pre-heat time is all taken into consideration and is usually included in the price so that you are actually paying for the usage time of the hot tub – same with collection and drainage, plus the supplier will give you a guide on how to run the spa to your best advantage.

As for drainage, the supplier will usually provide a submersible pump to empty it out in less than fifteen minutes before packing it away and taking it back for cleaning and storage, with the wastewater going down the drain – unless you have other uses.

Heck, you won’t even know it was there!

There are other, more professional hot tub suppliers offering hot tub rentals who will maybe offer you the chance of test-driving a model you may be interested in purchasing from them, but more than likely it will be an inflatable.

The problem there is the model you choose as a permanent fixture could be a more substantial variety, which tends to be a hard sided portable hot tub, being not too maneuverable and quite heavy as well, 600-800lbs is quite normal, and that’s without any water added, so it is a struggle moving these around to give a few days hire for these companies.

But then, again, some companies do this in the States, but this hiring is far more popular in the UK where they tend to use the inflatable hot tub types far more frequently because of convenience to the supplier.

The UK lags behind the States in hot tub usage, so people are more than likely trying them out for the first time to see if they are suitable for themselves before purchasing their own.

Regarding siting, suppliers usually recommend having the ground level, preferably not on grass as that will mean unwanted debris will be introduced into the water as it gets attached to wet feet easily.

A way around this is to lay a mat down below the hot tub and have a water container to dip your feet in before entering the pool.

Obviously you’ll need to have it set up relatively close to an external power supply as hot tubs are not supposed to be used with extension cables as cables do come in different current capacities, diameters and lengths, which all adds to the electrical load on the power system, so can cause meters to trip or the cables to burn, never mind ruining the electronic controls of a hot tub.

Generally speaking, for simplicities’ sake, these hired-in hot tubs tend to be plug-and-play so they can be easily coupled to your power supply.

However, there are some suppliers offering to supply specific extension leads, no doubt covering the safety aspect requirements, for minimal extra pricing, should the need arise.


You want privacy???

Some suppliers offer all sorts of screening to keep unwanted eyes off the occupants, but what if the weather turns while you have the hot tub, for say a week?

Can you use it when it’s raining?

How do you use it in the middle of the day when the sun is so strong you’ll be like a lobster in half an hour flat, especially when you’ve been told that sun cream and hot water do not mix?

The answer is simple, and many suppliers have already come across this problem and offer canopies/gazebos as an extra, which they erect for you, barely adding to the price as well.

You’ll be using their vast experience to help you get the most out of your hire.

Party time?

Some suppliers offer many extras associated with parties – balloons, flashing lighting, music, even video screens operated by remote control. The kids just love that type of thing and you’ll find them screaming with joy as they burn up that boundless energy.


So, what types of inflatable hot tubs do they supply and what sort of cost is involved with hiring a hot tub?


For a 4 person hot tub, they generally offer a proven Lay-Z-Spa in the UK and Coleman’s inflatable hot tubs in the U.S. as these are the most popular brands.

These are virtually identical, other than the power source owing to the different regulations in each country and the company emblem on the sides.

For the larger 6 person hot tubs, both countries tend to use the Intex brand with the same variations to power source.


This all boils down to the lack of expense of these two companies’ starter models when setting up a small business as they also provide reliability for the supplier with very little outlay as well as very little downtime being experienced in the running of these models, that way the customer is happy.


The Costs to you as a hirer???


In the UK, you can get hold of a basic 4 person hot tub for around £30 to £35 per day, depending on whether you want a package of extras, with a 6 person one for a further £5 or £10 on top, give or take a bit, depending on where you live and how far the hot tub owner has to travel to your property.

But be aware — prices can vary considerably



Some offer single night usage through to weekly packages and should you have a guest house or something similar, the larger ones offer contracts covering maintenance as well.


In the US it works out about the same pro-rata the exchange rates and this is only while the hot tub is usable (up to temperature), plus there will be delivery on top of this charge.

Normally, you will be asked for a deposit to cover accidental damage, which is usually returned once the spa is collected in good order.

So there is no reason to just wonder if a hot tub is what you want. Why not give one a try and treat someone special (like yours truly, maybe) to a fully relaxing break while you check them out yourself?

In our opinion, they are well worth it.

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