Health benefits of a hot tub at home

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tub at Home

First of all, let me tell you why we got our inflatable hot tub.

Not so long ago, after a lovely family holiday, where my husband and I truly enjoyed our time together, we wanted a way of recreating those blissful memories of laying in a warm pool and relaxing those cares away.

We’d be simply gazing up those twinkling stars above while quaffing a glass or three of bubbly as our minds went numb and we felt any stresses drain away as total relaxation in the low musical ambiance and a cushion of those heavenly rising bubbles caressed our bodies giving us the ultimate relaxation.


Not a care in the world…


…It Was Just Heavenly…




Hubby was all for it, originally, before realization kicked in once we got home.

Fine; he liked it as an idea, but he was more concerned about cost and construction, as usual – he’s a builder, and as always was trying to make any job sound bigger, so he ought to be capable of doing it on his own, surely, hopefully.

He said building a sauna was an expensive challenge, so we talked it over for a few weeks before I convinced him to purchase an inflatable hot tub as they are virtually ready-made, don’t cost a fortune, just plug and play, so not a  lot could go wrong, could it?




Most places we checked looked like they were desperately trying to sell us their products and it never appealed to us as salesmen pressing for cash was to be avoided. It was not what we needed, being bombarded by pushy selling blurb.

Being eager, excited even, we wanted to pick and choose at our leisure and in our own good time as we didn’t want to be pushed into buying something we’d possibly regret later.

Our first thoughts were to find something we could all use, all of us, two kids as well, so it needed to be a bit roomy, but not so big it’d cost a bomb to keep heated constantly, otherwise, guess who’d be getting earache off his Lordship.


Hubby thought about using solar panels to reduce heating costs, meaning it’d give us a longer season and reduce running costs a little, but like most builders, their own place comes last, so he never got round to it.

He also had ideas about laying a base down of soft play-sand which we apparently already had, on top of our paving to make sure we didn’t puncture it, which he tried, but it turned out as a bad idea.

Goosebumps run down my back when thinking about being over-run by those hordes of orange foot-biting ants.


He was talking about adding a timber frame and boxing it in to add some support to those sides as they were only thin plastic, or so he thought, and also insulating them and adding insulation underneath to keep heating costs down a bit more.

He even thought about having a removable lid on to keep out leaves, twigs, insects and odd dead bodies like birds wanting a dip or a sip, but these are included.



Finding so much we were not aware of and so few answers we needed was abysmal.

It was like taking one step forward and then two backward – we were getting nowhere, fast.


It meant we had to put a site up, as most likely you will be looking for those honest answers if you are considering an inflatable hot tub, or any hot tub for that matter, as you’ll be facing those same questions.


ALEKO HTIR6BRW Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Cover 6 Person 265 Gallon Brown and White


Warning signs??? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? But is there more to this than meets the eye?


We looked at water treatment solutions, as it was obvious to me, warm water goes manky and smells bad if left for any time of being left alone, like being left switched off when we went for a few weeks break.

Then again, cold water develops faults too, so we’ll be writing on that topic soon.

Being a nurse and being aware we shed skin constantly, alongside natural body oils and lotions floating up to form a scum on top when we get immersed in warm water, means these sorts of things needed looking into.


It’s O.K, looking at glossy photo’s of people splashing around in pools in glorious sunshine and enjoying themselves; but regarding our health side of it, where serious longer-term issues need considering to allow any frivolity to continue, in my mind many answers needed to be found.

Curiosity gnawed at me. I needed to learn of any health benefits of a hot tub at home, or especially in my case, if a hot tub benefits weight loss in any way, as, sadly, it’s one of my problems.


Could we use it in late autumn, or maybe even in the winter?

We pictured it together; freezing, white snow all around as steam rises up from our hot tub as we nibble warm mince pies and sip port or sherry, hot toddies even, but not daring to get out it was so cold.


Surely we’d finish up wrinkled like stewed prunes every time…

Well, maybe not if we had an outdoor heated towel rail of some sort, but further checking was needed!


The well-reviewed GoPlus 4 to 6 person Spa – ideal for winter use…


Another thought was could Granny get in and out easily because of her aching joints and her bad back? Those sides are about three feet high, aren’t they?

Fine, there are steps available with a steadying handrail to help the old dear get in and out and they don’t cost a bomb.

She’d definitely want to give it a try to ease her aches and pains as she calls round twice a week for a good natter and moan about them. We weren’t expecting any surprises if we saw more of her once it was installed – which turned out to be right.


It was simply a matter of checking out Amazon like we did to get some truthful reviews before we jumped in to buy one.


Whilst looking we checked descriptions and photographs to see whether they pleased us or not and if they would suit our yard.

It’s not quite like visiting a salesroom and suffering pressure selling or buying one in front of a fancy background on a whim as most people do.

Our idea was to check out which we fancied before going out and seeing them in reality and hubby could see all we were getting for ‘our money‘.


SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub


We finally opted for a hot tub similar to the Bestway Saluspa Hawaii Airjet 6 person portable hot tub as the reviews were excellent at the time for the hot tub itself and we were looking for a slightly larger hot tub than just for 4 people, but now most manufacturers are offering extras included just to try to get more sales.

One point here is we’ve been very happy since we purchased our inflatable hot tub in 2013 and we have no plans (so far) to change it for a ‘proper’ one as it is just not worth spending extra to get similar benefits.

In fact, why not check out our 'no fluff' Lay-Z-Spa / Saluspa review after 6 years of ownership - just click here...



We’ve recently found some videos by a Brit showing how to set up and run your hot tub, a lay-z-spa, exactly the same one above, but aimed at British hot-tubbers.

It was one he bought in the UK, nearly the same model we bought, although more modern as he has jetted water as well, so that is a bonus.

It’s a ‘PRO’ version, unlike ours, but it comes with all the same equipment to get you going, like a starter kit and instructions.

We’ve set these videos up on another page so you could check them out easily (the link is at the bottom of this page if you would sooner watch the videos).

As more posts are added we’ll be breaking them down into different categories to suit to match any requirements you may need so you are not flitting all over to find a dream hot tub or anything related to them.

Pro’s and cons as follows:

  • Hot tub sizes
  • Pricing and lasting ability of Hot Tubs
  • Are Hot Tubs functional and are they worth it
  • Different types of Hot Tubs available
  • How about accessories – are they needed? Check out our hot tub accessories page.
  • What about Hard-Sided Portable Hot Tubs...  Our page link is here
  • Best manufacturers
  • Hot Tub Side Effects

No doubt other topics will be covered as and when site visitors ask questions  – we’ll do our best to answer them on these pages as time permits.

In my searches, there were many truthful articles uncovered, like ‘health benefits of a hot tub at home’, which made me open my eyes as these things were not even a consideration initially.

Alternatively, you may be interested in hot tub health risks and learning how they are caused – easily avoidable when you use a regular routine of minutes a day and one session of an hour or two every two or three months.

And what about health risks during pregnancy – take a look at our hot tub pregnancy risks page

Finding questions you can’t answer? Just drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll see if we can provide a remedy.

An inflatable hot tub is by far one of our best purchases where we’ve spent a small amount of money on something giving lots of rewards and we highly recommend them to anyone.

The beauty of it is it's still going strong if you don't count the replacement inexpensive  'O' rings.

In fact, we have just put up our review on our Saluspa hot tub so you can see the full background and what we think of it here.


Best regards, and happy soaking,

The LazeeTimes Team


Our Lay-Z-Spa video link


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