Hard Sided Portable Hot Tubs by Birch Bay

Advantage Hot Tub by Birch Bay Hot Tubs

This great hot tub, called the ADVANTAGE HOT TUB, by Birch Bay Hot Tubs, is a 76 inches square x 34 inches deep, 6 berth hot tub that will enhance any home.

Not only that, but with 20 hydrotherapy jets, it offers a full body massage and extreme durability with the way the underside is supported on pillars, along with the acrylic sterling silver interior encapsulated in the critter-proof shell of the contrasting black cabinet making it a long-lasting investment without breaking the bank.

Included in the 600lb construction is ozone water sanitation meaning less chemicals needed for your health benefits and its weight shows how sturdy this model is.

It uses a single 3.0 hp pump for the powerful jets and appears to have another one for water circulation, so more than likely is a 220 volts system, although their advertisement for the ADVANTAGE HOT TUB is a little unclear – perhaps that is the reason for zero recommendations on Amazon and why it is not so expensive compared to similar hot tubs available.


Check it out here



And now we come to the BIG BROTHER…


From the exterior, this one doesn’t look much different than the ADVANTAGE HOT TUB above, but there the similarities end.

Being 92 inches square x 39.5 inches high and being a 6 berther, there’s plenty of room in this AMPLITUDE HOT TUB so you could share it with someone you have to endure without being in their face too much in the 400 gallon capacity spa.

Then again, there’s no fun in that, is there.

As in the previous hot tub, this one is again aimed specifically at relaxation and has 115 ‘Ploloc’ high-flow adjustable hydrotherapy jets to literally cover your whole body.

To give the volume necessary through the jets it uses 4 pumps: 2 – 4.0 HP continuous-duty single-speed pumps; 1 – 2.0 HP continuous-duty pump; 1 – high-flow quiet, which makes it highly suitable for winter use, but obviously will need installing by a competent electrition.

At virtually double the price of the ADVANTAGE above and weighing in at 900lbs, this is a big step up covering all your wants and needs in a hot tub, including Bluetooth, mood lighting, UV sanitation, a removable bistro table, lighted European waterfall arches and an Insulated Hard Cover with Cover Lift Included, to name but a few.

Color-wise it remains the same.

Again, as with the ADVANTAGE HOT TUB there have been no reviews so far…


I could go on with this hot tub as it meets everybody’s needs, so why not check it out through this link?


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