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There are many hard-sided portable hot tub manufacturers selling in the UK using Amazon.co.uk as their outlet; most built in the UK and others imported.

By searching Amazon you get the best prices because of the huge competition rather than paying through the nose for the same product being sold at other specialist retail outlets.

Therein lies the problem – the after-sales and service issue – where some sellers simply wash their hands of a product once it has left their factory, or for imported products, service is a non-entity and you need to contact a local supplier for repairs.

So, keeping it local is the best option, but then, if you are handy, why not look elsewhere?

There are numerous suppliers, so here are shortcuts to their products on this page – more will be added as they are found…

Atlantic Spas

Beliani Hot Tubs

Blue Whale Spas


Canadian Spa Company

Cove Spas

Fonteyn Spas


Heart Outdoor Whirlpool Spas

Kent Hot Tub

Mallorca Superior Outdoor Whirlpool

Norfolk Hot Tub

Palm Spas

Platinum Spas








Quick Links to suppliers and their varieties shown on this site…

U.S. Hard Sided Portable Hot Tubs

American Spas  —-  being added to so far

Birch Bay Hot Tubs     2 options shown

Essential Hard-Sided Portable Hot Tubs      8 in total shown

Home and Garden Spas

Hudson Bay Spas

LifeSmart Hard-Sided Portable Hot Tubs       7 in total shown


Canadian Hard-Sided Portable Hot Tubs

U.K. & European Hard Sided Portable Hot Tubs 


Atlantic Spas

This established Preston-based company gives what appears to be their only Amazon offering in the shape of a 5 seater named the Aqua Happy Hot Tub.

It has been offered in production since April 2015, although, possibly due to poor marketing, has no customer reviews from Amazon.

Sizewise – it is 200 x 200 x 90cm and weighs  400kg and comes with steps and cover included with the purchase.

In brief, their blurb shows:-

Seats: 3
Loungers: 2
Total Jets: 44
Jet Pump: 2 x 2 HP
LED Lighting: Footwell and Water Level
Circulation Pump: 1 x 0.5HP
Electrical Requirements: 32A
Heater: 1 x 3kw (1 x 4HP)
Headrests: 3
Water Fountains: 1

  • They keep a large stock of parts in stock in the UK.
  • They offer a 5 year spa shell warranty
  • 1 year surface warranty of the hot tub to be free from defects in materials and workmanship
  • 1 year electrical equipment and components (pumps, heaters and control systems)
  • They have a team of hot tub service engineers that cover the UK throughout the year.

Capacity-wise, there’s no mention of this, but you can safely assume it will be around the 250/300 gallon mark. On top of this Amazon offering they have many other hard-sided portable hot tubs available.

For More Information – Check It Out Here


Beliani Outdoor Spa Hot Tubs

As the name suggests, Beliani is a Swiss-based company with outlets in many countries including the UK.

As hot tubs are much of a muchness these days where many manufacturers simply source the same proven products to install in their own shells, this is perhaps a run of the mill hot tub, although Beliani have been prominent in providing spas, baths and jacuzzis for years on the Continent.

Perhaps they are newish to the UK as this is not a well-known brand, plus they have no reviews to date on Amazon despite the fact they have been available since November 2016?

The three colour options offered are a white interior with a dark silver surround, the one above with a blue interior with a tan exterior and finally the third with a black inside shade with a paler gray exterior.


Just click each coloured image to see better views or to find out more about these models. 

All interiors are acrylic while the exteriors are constructed of robust plastic/composite material, meaning maintenance is merely a simple wipe down with a damp cloth periodically.

Also included is an Ozone steriliser, meaning chemicals can be reduced considerably.


If that’s an issue, check out our blog – Running a Hot Tub Without Chemicals


And the best of it is they all come in at the same price delivered to your door.

All are 200 x 200 x 90cm square 6 person hot tubs and weigh 410kg with a capacity of 1300 litres (around 275 gallons).

From this, you will see the filled tub plus occupants, needs to be set up on a substantial base.

Having 30 water jets and a further 14 air jets to give heavenly massages, along with underwater variable LED’s to ease you into a relaxed mood as you enjoy a long evening soak with your partner.

This hot tub requires a 6.3Kw power supply so will need to have an independent power feed installed by an electrician.

No steps are included with this purchase, but a ‘rain’ cover is!

More than likely this model’s literature needs some interpretation – maybe that’s why few have been sold in the UK?

For more information – check it out here



Blue Whale Spas


Blue Whale Spasa Nottingham based manufacturer with a great reputation for reliability and excellent service offer finance on all their hard-sided portable hot tub products within the UK.

Blue Whale provides three hard-sided portable hot tubs using a 13 amp power source and on top of this, there are a further five options requiring a 32amp circuit to be installed for your hot tub.


To give you an example of the first-class service Blue Whale offer, here’s how they deal with their customers’ order process.

  1. A Blue Whale Spa representative will call you to confirm your address, contact information, site access, Electrical supply and site photograph requirement.
  2. A member of the Blue Whale Spa logistics team will call you to arrange a date for delivery.
  3. A week before delivery, a member of the pre-delivery check team will call to confirm the whole order and run through access.
  4. The spa will be delivered to you by Blue Whale Spa trained technicians who will deliver, position and commission your hot Tub. They will also provide you with advice on how to maintain your hot Tub.


From the above, you will understand there is very little for you to do, other than decide where you want to install your hot tub and maybe prepare a level base!

With their excellent pre-delivery and after-sales service, they deserve to be nominated as one of the best hot tub suppliers in the country…




Starting at the lower end of the price range, we’ve got the Blue Whale Spa Cloud Stream 13 Amp Hot Tub, Cloudy White Shell with Grey Sides – shown above.


First available mid-April 2019, so no customer reviews at the time of writing, this Cloud Stream hot tub measures 200 x 200 x 78cm.

With a capacity of 275 gallons at 10lbs/gallon(1250L) and weighing in at almost 850lbs (400kg) without any water or occupants, it needs to be on a substantial base.

Luckily, Blue Whale operatives will set up your hot tub for you, although they claim if you need to set out a base or provide a crane, then that is your problem – but then, that applies to most hot tubs of this size and caliber.

Having a very durable acrylic shell well supported on a non-corroding stainless steel frame with insulated plastic composite side panels means it is built to last for years, even in the vagaries of the British climate.

The Balboa control system is produced in California, where hot tubs have been in demand and tested thoroughly for eons, so you can be assured of reliability; but if anything should go wrong, the Blue Whale Spa Team have all points covered in the UK.

With two main jet pumps providing power for the 51 stainless steel hydrotherapy variable jets, including in the 5 seating areas and the one lounger, 6 people can simply enjoy utmost relaxation at the push of a button as they appreciate the LED lighting adding to the soothing therapy.

Power requirements are 2Kw for the proven Balboa heater, so it is not excessive for a hot tub of this size, especially when the hot tub is up to temperature and merely circulating the water.


A great cover, steps, and full installation are included with the purchase price and an average of 3 weeks is the delivery time.


For more information – check it out here





Stepping up a little in price, this 6 seat, 32 hydrotherapy jets at 205 x 205 x 78cm (80 x 80 x 30 inches) and weighing in exactly the same at 400kg (850lbs) and 1250L (275 gallons) still make the 13amp GULF BREEZE Spa by Blue Whale exceptional value for money.

Having two high powered jet pumps providing maximum power and efficiency with its multi-pump system, you can enjoy a better massage experience than ever before. A Balboa control system from California USA makes using the hot tub as simple as can be.

This “spa command (TM)” control system has been designed for ease of use and is built exclusively for Blue Whale Spa, to enable their multi-pump systems to work with maximum efficiency.


Every function such as water temperature, jet pumps, and lighting, etc. can be simply controlled at the touch of a button.

Using the 32 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets in this spa gives a strong massage to ease aching muscles or individual jets can be turned off to suit your individual preference and tailor the overall massage from the different jet sizes and positions.

Air valves can also be used to adjust the flow to your liking.


Gulf Breeze hot tub sound systemOn top of that, the Gulf Breeze features 27 fabulous multi-color LED mood lights to enhance your pleasure as you soak your cares away as you use your smartphone or tablet to relax with your favorite song or streaming service with waterproof speakers and cable-free Bluetooth connectivity, that way keeping your smart device well away from potential water damage while you chill out to your favorite sounds.

Includes the cover, step, and full installation.

Check out the Gulf Breeze here





Again, this is another 13 amp, plug and play hot tub provided by Blue Whale Spas, although the most expensive (with lots of extras built-in) of the 13 amp varieties they offer.


Heating of the 1250 litres (around 225 gallons) of water is 2 kw in this 5-seater plus one lounger, so it will take some time to warm up from scratch – no more than a day – but once up to temperature, the high thermal efficiency of these hot tubs, especially with the lid in place, means that actually running this hot tub is not too expensive.

With dimensions of 205 x 205 x 78 cm and weighing 400kg when empty, this is perhaps the limit of being classed as a hard-sided portable hot tub.

2 pumps supply the 51 stainless steel jets with ample force to provide a great massage as you relax to your favourite music using the in-built Bluetooth system accompanied by soothing LED lighting.

This product was first offered in mid-April, so as yet, there are no reviews posted, but that could also mean there have been no faults experienced so far that have not been dealt with by this great company.

Steps and a good cover are included, as with all hot tubs provided by Blue Whale, so you are getting the full kit in one great package and they’ll set it up for you.

For more information on the BROADWAY BAY Hot Tub, Check it out here.

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