Hot Tub Smells Bad

Your Hot Tub stinks, does it? Here’s where you learn why and how to fix your water problems the easy way.

Is A Hot Tub Good For A Cold

In a word – YES, and there are four reasons why. Having An Elevated Temperature Helps To Fight Viruses When we catch a cold our bodies develop a higher temperature naturally. It’s an auto-immune reaction where we develop a mild fever despite the fact we may be shivering. The shivering is partly the body’s way […]

Allergic reaction to hot tub chemicals?

You think you are allergic to hot tub chemicals so maybe you keep away from them as you think it’s just not worth it? Your friends offered you the chance of a dip and as you’d never tried one before, so you thought you’d give it a go, being one of the gang, so to […]

Hot Tub Side Effects

Owning a hot tub does come with some side effects to your health along with many symptoms relating to other problems you may not be aware of. The following examples show what having a hot tub does to your body and what you need to watch out for. Quick Links Hot Tubs and Blood Pressure […]

Negative Effects Of Hot Tubs

QUICK LINKS Hot Tub Use During Ovulation Hot Tubs and Conception Can U Use a Hot Tub When Pregnant How Does Hot Tub Use Affect Your Baby Safe Hot Tub Temperature For Pregnancy Hot Tub while pregnant – 2nd Trimester A close friend of mine who was thinking of getting a hot tub recently asked […]