Bathtubs That Are Easy To Get Into

  You may be looking for bathtubs that are easy to get into for various reasons, be it: • your own lack of flexibility around the hips or knees • your arm and shoulder strength limits your ability to raise yourself from the bath • your balance or confidence may not be too good But […]

Hot Tub Age Restrictions

I was asked by Mom’s friend the other day ‘how old is too old to use a hot tub’? Seems she had been talking to Mom and wanted to ease her aches and pains with her own hot tub, just like Mom does in ours. I have to admit I hadn’t given a question like […]

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hot Tub

  How much does it cost to hire a hot tub? You want to hire a hot tub for a special occasion or need to occupy the kids while they are off school or maybe have a celebratory treat with your friends, then worry not as the cost of hot tub hire is not prohibitive […]

Wood Fired Hot Tub Reviews

    When someone mentions a wood-fired hot tub, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the simplicity of heating an electric-free hot tub with timber as the wording ‘Wood-Fired Hot Tubs‘ suggests, or do you automatically think of custom-built wooden hot tubs, or perhaps, on the other hand, you’ve had thoughts […]

Hard Sided Portable Hot Tubs by Home and Garden Spas/Hudson Bay Spas

Home and Garden Spas provide more than three hard-sided portable hot tubs under their own name, but also provide three others under the name of Hudson Bay Spas using the promotion media of Amazon.   Hard to tell if it is the same company, but both have the same address in Twin Oaks Drive, Johnson […]

Can You Keep Your Hot Tub Cool In The Summer

Can You Keep Your Hot Tub Cool In The Summer? The sun’s bright.  The glare’s unrelenting.  The heat’s unbearable.  You’ve gotta cool down, gotta get some shade.  So what do you do??? As summer comes the beating sun can be overwhelming and if you are older or have sight defects, the glare can make it […]

Can You Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub

Are bath bombs safe for use in hot tubs?   Bath bombs are one of the most sumptuous, coolest add-ons that take our bathtubs to the next luxury level. Ranging from adding glitter and delicate flower petals to exquisite scents and aromas, bath bombs create an atmosphere that allows our senses to be thoroughly overwhelmed […]

How Long Can You Stay In A Hot Tub Before You Die?

How Long Can You Stay In A Hot Tub? A bit of an attention grabber, that headline, but it is similar to the main questions we get asked: how long can you stay in a hot tub safely how long is it safe to sit in a hot tub why can’t you stay in your […]

Can Type 1 Diabetics Go In Hot Tub

Can Type 1 Diabetics Go In Hot Tubs? Anyone who has type 1 diabetes would soon learn how erratic trying to control their diabetes is. With Type 1, for those who are unsure, insulin needs injecting to help break down the sugars and carbohydrates eaten within their food which gets carried around in their blood, […]

Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

    Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories come in many shapes and forms, from pillows, some with built-in sounds; individual stick-on LED battery-operated lighting for underwater use, cushions for seating or to give that extra height for the shorter among us; handrails and steps for the infirm along with floating drink or snack trays to name […]

How to Insulate a Hot Tub for Winter

  OK. The weather is starting to cool down as fall approaches, the apples are falling naturally off the trees in our yard and bringing in the yellow jackets and days are getting shorter, so maybe it’s time to look into how to insulate a hot tub for winter…   Most hot tubs come ready-supplied […]

Running Hot Tub Without Chemicals

Is running my hot tub without chemicals ok? Are there any hot tub chemical alternatives? Is there any hot tub sanitizer for sensitive skin? These are a few of the many questions we get asked regarding hot tub usage, especially by potential hot tub owners who’ve been searching for answers and found very little information. […]

Why is my Hot Tub Water Green and Cloudy  

Green Hot Tub Water   Sitting in your hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind, especially with someone you love. To make sure your spa experience meets your expectations each time you use it will involve some maintenance to make sure it always operates efficiently. At times you may experience issues with […]

How to Heat a Hot Tub Fast

Let me tell you how to heat a hot tub fast as we’ve been asked this same question a few times recently. And the best of it is, there is a very simple answer. OK. Like us, you’ve got your hot tub, all excited and eager to give it a try. You’ve set it up […]

How Much Baking Soda to Raise Alkalinity in Hot Tub

Recently we were asked the question how much baking soda was needed to raise alkalinity in a hot tub. The question was a bit vague as we needed to know the existing pH reading and also the volume of water in the hot tub to give a proper answer. It seems the hot tub was dosed […]

Our Own Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Review

As has been said in other posts, we got our Coleman Lay Z Spa, or as it is otherwise known as the Saluspa, around six years ago as we weren’t sure whether we wanted a hot tub or not, and to be honest getting a Coleman / Bestway inflatable hot tub was for us the […]

How to Raise pH in Hot Tub

If your pH fluctuates outside that safe zone, the water becomes unsafe and can cause corrosion, mineral scaling, or you can face unhealthy bacterial growth.
Learn how to control it!

Hot tub temperature when not in use

Having been asked by some hot tub owners for the best suggested hot tub temperature when not in use, like when they take a break for more than a week and leave their hot tub unattended, the best bet is to set the temperature down by around ten degrees below your normal usage setting. By […]