Wood Fired Hot Tub Reviews

    When someone mentions a wood-fired hot tub, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the simplicity of heating an electric-free hot tub with timber as the wording ‘Wood-Fired Hot Tubs‘ suggests, or do you automatically think of custom-built wooden hot tubs, or perhaps, on the other hand, you’ve had thoughts […]

Can You Keep Your Hot Tub Cool In The Summer

Can You Keep Your Hot Tub Cool In The Summer? The sun’s bright.  The glare’s unrelenting.  The heat’s unbearable.  You’ve gotta cool down, gotta get some shade.  So what do you do??? As summer comes the beating sun can be overwhelming and if you are older or have sight defects, the glare can make it […]

Running Hot Tub Without Chemicals

Is running my hot tub without chemicals ok? Are there any hot tub chemical alternatives? Is there any hot tub sanitizer for sensitive skin? These are a few of the many questions we get asked regarding hot tub usage, especially by potential hot tub owners who’ve been searching for answers and found very little information. […]

How to Heat a Hot Tub Fast

Let me tell you how to heat a hot tub fast as we’ve been asked this same question a few times recently. And the best of it is, there is a very simple answer. OK. Like us, you’ve got your hot tub, all excited and eager to give it a try. You’ve set it up […]

How Much Baking Soda to Raise Alkalinity in Hot Tub

Recently we were asked the question how much baking soda was needed to raise alkalinity in a hot tub. The question was a bit vague as we needed to know the existing pH reading and also the volume of water in the hot tub to give a proper answer. It seems the hot tub was dosed […]

How to Raise pH in Hot Tub

If your pH fluctuates outside that safe zone, the water becomes unsafe and can cause corrosion, mineral scaling, or you can face unhealthy bacterial growth.
Learn how to control it!