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Looks great, doesn’t it? But this is a better version than the one we chose!

Hi, my name is Lisa Hughes and I live  in North Dakota with my husband Mike and our two teenage kids, Stevie and Karen, along with our four year old Labrador Jason.

We get cold winters up here and fancied our own hot tub, so we opted for an inflatable hot tub to see if we liked them, back in 2012, with the intention of stashing it away during our severe winters.

After purchasing ours from Amazon, we were asked by many friends who were thinking of buying their own hot tub, what type they should buy.

Like us, they were baffled initially by the large number of types and the different options available and needed everything  set out in simple terms. That’s the reason for this website.

Their hot tub questions were answered as best we knew how on a personal level, explaining everything we learned, from the good points of owning a hot tub through to the bad.

And now it has been put up on LazeeTimes.com for the whole world to see, that way, helping everybody to easily choose the right hot tub to suit their lifestyles.

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