Hot Tub Side Effects

Owning a hot tub does come with some side effects to your health along with many symptoms relating to other problems you may not be aware of. The following examples show what having a hot tub does to your body and what you need to watch out for. Quick Links Hot Tubs and Blood Pressure […]

Negative Effects Of Hot Tubs

QUICK LINKS Hot Tub Use During Ovulation Hot Tubs and Conception Can U Use a Hot Tub When Pregnant How Does Hot Tub Use Affect Your Baby Safe Hot Tub Temperature For Pregnancy Hot Tub while pregnant – 2nd Trimester A close friend of mine who was thinking of getting a hot tub recently asked […]

Spa Start Up Procedure

Hot tub and Spa start-up procedure Having your own spa or hot tub start-up procedure may sound a bit regimental, but having found a few videos provided by a Brit, so the language may sound a bit quaint, he explains thoroughly how you get the ball rolling. And just so we know what hot tub […]